Maximum number of positions held in other companies

According to the Code, the directors ensure adequate time availability for the diligent fulfilment of the tasks assigned to them. Furthermore, the Board of Directors, on the basis of the commitment required of the directors for the execution of their office in Iren, can express their orientation regarding the maximum number of offices in the management or control bodies in other listed companies or companies of significant size which can be considered compatible with the effective execution of the office of director of the parent, taking into account the commitment deriving from the role held, as well as the participation of the Directors in the Committees established within the Board. To this end it may propose to the Shareholders to introduce into the Articles of Association particular rules aimed at regulating consistently the appointment of directors.

In the current context, the Remuneration and Appointments Committee and the Board of Directors of the Parent did not consider it necessary to make this provision, considering that the number of positions currently held by members of the board in other companies is compatible with the fulfilment of the commitment as Director of Iren S.p.A.