Proposals of the Board of Directors to the Shareholders’ meeting

PROPOSALS RELATING TO THE AGENDA ITEMS “Separate fFinancial Statements at 31 December 2021; Directors' Report, Report of the Board of Statutory Auditors and Report of the Independent Auditors” and “Proposal for allocation of the profit, relevant and ensuing deliberations”

Dear Shareholders,

In relation to the above, we propose that you:

  • approve the Separate Financial statements of Iren S.p.A. at 31 December 2021 and the Directors’ Report prepared by the Board of Directors;
  • approve the proposed allocation of the profit for the year, 218,850,794.04 euro, as follows:
    • 10,942,539.70 euro, 5% of the profit for the year, to the legal reserve;
    • a maximum of 136,597,794.59 euro as dividend to Shareholders, corresponding to 0.105 euro for each of the maximum no. of 1,300,931,377 ordinary shares constituting the Parent’s share capital, noting that treasury shares, if any, will not benefit from the dividend; the dividend will be paid starting from 20 July 2022, validity date for registration for the dividend 18 July 2022, and record date 19 July 2022;
    • to retained earnings, the remaining amount of at least 71,310,459.75 euro.

Reggio Emilia, 29 March 2022


On behalf of the Board of Directors


Renato Boero