Policy for Managing Dialogue with General Shareholders and Investors

IREN S.p.A. has always attached great importance to continuous, open and transparent communication with all shareholders, investors and the market because, on the one hand, it helps to improve their understanding of the Parent's strategies and activities and to encourage their long-term commitment, and on the other hand, it allows the Parent to gather elements that are useful for guiding strategies, decisions and action plans, guaranteeing the high standards of governance to which the Parent is committed. Discussion, dialogue and listening represent a key element for the creation of value in the medium-long term and for the continuous improvement of strategies, objectives and economic, environmental, social and governance results, through the understanding of the needs and legitimate requests of stakeholders.

On 21 December 2021, the Board of Directors of IREN S.p.A. approved the "Policy for Managing Dialogue with General Shareholders and Investors" in accordance with the provisions of Article 1, Principle IV and Recommendation 3, of the Corporate Governance Code, to which the Parent has adhered.

In detail, the approved Policy governs the dialogue between the Board of Directors and the representatives of the Shareholders and Investors, apart from during shareholders’ meetings, on matters falling within the competence of the Board, and defines the principles, rules and methods for carrying out this dialogue, identifying the recipients, the interlocutors, the topics under discussion, the timing and channels of interaction.