The Group operates in the sale of electricity, gas and heat for district heating, and of extra-commodity services and products, in particular for energy efficiency. It is present throughout Italy, with a greater concentration of customers in the central-northern areas. The main sources available are the Group’s production plants.

Sale of natural gas  
Main indicators  
gas procured 2,927 million m3
gas sold to end customers 1,028 million m3
gas consumption by the
1,679 millioni m3
gas in storage as at 31/12 220 million m3
retail customers (no.) 954,419
protected 296,218
free market 658,201


Sale of electricity  
Main indicators  
electricity sold 14,763 GWh
to end customers and
7,354 GWh
on the Stock Exchange 7,409 GWh
retail customers (no.) 1,048,648
protected market 231,559
free market 817,089

Volumes sold to customers in protected market amounted to 318 GWh. In 2021, 1,035 GWh of certified green energy was sold.


Sale of heat for district heating  
Main indicators  
heat sold 2,623 GWh
thermal energy purchased from
third parties
12 GWh
customers served 54,139

Through its own co-generation and transport networks, the Group offers the service of district heating to Turin, Nichelino, Moncalieri, Beinasco, Collegno, Grugliasco, Rivoli, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Piacenza and Genoa. District heating helps to protect the environment with low running costs and greater reliability and safety compared to traditional heating plants.