Companies outside the reporting boundary

The Group also includes a number of companies that are not consolidated on a line-by-line basis, but are considered significant in terms of environmental and social sustainability, on the basis of different criteria, such as the stake held, the business managed and the governance in place. For a correct and comprehensive representation of the Group’s activities, qualitative and quantitative information is provided below for these companies, which, for 2021, has been expanded compared to the previous year, in a logic of improving information.


B.I. Energia

B.I. Energia S.r.l. is the investee of Iren Energia (47.5%) and Consorzio di Bonifica dell’Emilia Centrale [Central Emilia Conservation Consortium] (52.5%), which manages the 1.8 MW flowing water hydroelectric plant on the river Secchia, in San Michele dei Mucchietti (Modena), which uses the drop of an existing barrier to produce electricity.

In 2021, there was an increase in production compared to 2020, a year in which the plant was shut down for several months for extraordinary maintenance.

Main indicators U.M. 2021 2020
Production of electricity MWh 4,754 2,385

Fratello Sole Energie Solidali

Fratello Sole Energie Solidali is a social non-profit enterprise founded by Iren Energia (40%) and Fratello Sole (60%) and operates in support of charitable and socially useful entities in the field of energy costs savings. It provides management and energy efficiency services to the real estate complexes of its 12 founding members, comprising over 3,000 buildings (2,000 in 2020). In 2021, new members joined Fratello Sole, including ASeS (a non-profit non-governmental organisation that was created to foster the development of local rural communities and enhance their dignity), the Don Bosco Salesians (Central Italy circumscription) and the San Gennaro Foundation of Naples.

Fratello Sole Energie Solidali is responsible for planning and implementing energy efficiency initiatives through its technological partner Iren Smart Solutions and can also develop e-mobility projects for its customers.

In 2021, the Company completed one project, which began in 2020, and started two new construction sites that will result in total energy savings of over 335 MWh per year. In addition, it has adhered to the manifesto “Together to fight energy poverty“ of the Banco dell’Energia, a non-profit organisation created to improve the quality of life of people in economic and social difficulty, through the distribution of basic necessities, payment of utilities, social and work reintegration paths, and educational courses on the conscious use of energy and its saving.


Valle Dora Energia

Valle Dora Energia S.r.l., a subsidiary of the Municipalities of Chiomonte, Salbertrand, Exilles and Susa and an investee of Iren Energia (49%), was established to develop the redevelopment projects for the hydroelectric plants at Chiomonte and Susa which, in 2016, were admitted to the rankings by the GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici) for incentives on the energy produced. Keeping these plants in operation also ensures important functions of public utility for the local area (protecting irrigation easements, hydro-geological protection and fire prevention service). The total output of the plants is 16.8 MWe (7.6 MWe for the Susa plant and 9.2 MWe for the Chiomonte plant). In 2021, following a period of redevelopment, the two facilities operated at full capacity.

Nel 2021, a seguito di un periodo interessato da interventi di riqualificazione, i due impianti hanno funzionato a pieno regime.

Main indicators U.M. 2021 2020
Total electricity production MWh 24,019 23,501
Susa plant MWh 9,056 3,306
Chiomonte plant MWh 14,963 20,195


Acquaenna S.C.p.A., owned by Ireti (48.5%), manages the integrated water service in the optimal territorial area of Enna, (excluding the Municipality of Barrafranca). The Company operates across all stages of the water cycle (catchments, supply, distribution, sewerage and treatment), implementing the Area Plan approved by the Mayors’ Assembly, planning and making investments and testing with new technological solutions. Acquaenna has a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001.

Main indicators U.M. 2021 2020
Residents served no. 145,627 148,035
Municipalities served no. 19 19
Water sold m3 5,531,737 6,642,267
Water networks km 1,309 823
Sewer networks km 522 522
Wastewater treatment plants no. 18 18
Electricity consumption kWh 5,531,737 N/A
Employees as at 31/12 no. 103 104



AM.TER. S.p.A. – established by the Municipalities of Campo Ligure, Cogoleto, Masone, Mele and Rossiglione together with Iren Acqua (49%) – manages the integrated water service in the west of the province of Genoa, in the areas of the member Municipalities and the Municipalities of Arenzano and Tiglieto.

The supply sources consist of 103 sources, 13 rivers and 3 wells. The water is treated in 9 treatment plants and 16 disinfection plants, distributed throughout the region. The municipal treatment plant of Rossiglione deals with the final discharge of the sewerage systems of the Municipalities of Campo Ligure and Masone.

AM.TER. adopts an integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental management system, in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

Main indicators U.M. 2021 2020
Residents served no. 44,972 45,369
Municipalities served no. 7 7
Water sold m3 2,110,271 2,097,247
Water networks km 290 290
Sewer networks km 127 127
Wastewater treatment plants no. 11 11
Electricity consumptiont kWh 1.020.893 N/A
Natural gas consumption scm 7.626 n.d.
Water consumption m3 200 N/A
Waste generated t 767 N/A
Employees as at 31/12 no. 14 14



ASA S.p.A. is an investee of the municipalities of the provinces of Livorno, Pisa and Siena and Ireti (40%) that manages the integrated water service in five regional sub-districts: North-West (main municipality Livorno), Alta Val di Cecina (main municipality Volterra), Bassa Val di Cecina (main municipalities Cecina and Rosignano M.), Val di Cornia (main municipality Piombino) and Isola d’Elba (Elba Island). The Company also manages gas distribution in Livorno, Collesalvetti, Rosignano Marittimo, Castagneto Carducci and San Vincenzo. ASA is ISO 9001 certified.

Main indicators U.M. 2021 2020
Residents served (IWS) no. 395,900 416,331
Municipalities served (IWS) no. 32 32
Water sold m3 25,508,094 24,360,229
Water networks km 3,063 3,577
Sewer networks km 1,270 1,269
Wastewater treatment plants no. 73 73
Residents served by gas distribution no. 217,254 219,240
Gas distribution customers no. 98,739 99,005
Municipalities served by gas distribution no. 5 5
Natural gas distributed scm 88,015,003 91,360,792
Gas Network km 702 702
Electricity consumption kWh 70,423,760 n.d.
Natural gas consumption scm 300,000 n.d.
Water consumption m3 1,727,540 n.d.
Waste generated t 14,222 n.d.
Employees as at 31/12 no. 535 492

A.S.A. Azienda Servizi Ambientali

The company A.S.A. S.C.p.A., owned by Iren Ambiente (49%) since the end of 2020, manages the design and construction of plants for the disposal of urban and special, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, the organisation and management, direct and indirect, of plants for the disposal of waste produced by third parties and the remediation of polluted sites. It is the operator of the landfill for non-hazardous waste located in the Municipality of Castel Maggiore (BO) that, in 2021, did not receive any quantity of waste for disposal. ASA adopts an ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certified management system and the site managed by the Company has obtained EMAS registration.

Main indicators U.M. 2021
Special waste managed (non-hazardous) t 2,911
Electricity consumption KWh 65,383
Water consumption m3 232
Waste generated t 8,202
Employees as at 31/12 no. 5



GAIA S.p.A., the investee of Iren Ambiente (45%), manages waste treatment, recovery and disposal plants in the province of Asti. GAIA’s activities are spread across the entire province of Asti, with a structured plant system: 12 collection centers for citizens to dispose of sorted waste collection, a sorted waste recovery plant, a plant for the mechanical-biological treatment (MBT) of unsorted waste (Asti), a compost and anaerobic digestion plant (San Damiano d’Asti) for the recovery of organic waste and a landfill for non-hazardous waste (Cerro Tanaro).

To achieve economically sustainable development, GAIA has worked to adopt a transparent policy and to gradually integrate its Management System, obtaining ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

All of the sites managed by the Company are EMAS certified.

Main indicators U.M. 2021 2020
Residents served waste collection no. 205,545 208,101
Municipalities served waste collection no. 115 115
Waste collected in Eco-stations t 8,714 7,661
Waste treated at the plants t 3,063 3,577
sorted waste recovery
raccolta diff.
t 33,600 36,552
MBT t 47,003 43,141
transfer station t 7,818 6,676
composting t 39,679 31,343
non-hazardous waste landfill no. 83,825 35,882
Electricity consumption KWh 6,536,189 n.d.
Natural gas consumption sm3 7,600 n.d.
Water consumption m3 19,725 n.d.
Waste generated t 23,872 n.d.
Employees as at 31/12 no. 151 147



SETA (Società Ecologica Territorio Ambiente) S.p.A. is the contractor of the urban waste collection service for Catchment Area 16 in the Metropolitan City of Turin. Operating in waste collection and disposal, it is 51.15% controlled by a few Municipalities in the Consortium of Catchment Area 16 (area to the north of Turin), both directly and indirectly through the consortium, and is an investee of Iren Ambiente (48.85%).

SETA manages the controlled landfill called Chivasso 0 for the disposal of non-hazardous waste and 10 collection centres spread across the territory, where citizens can dispose of the sorted waste sent for recovery.
SETA adopts a Quality, Safety and Environment management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

Main indicators U.M. 2020 2021
Residents served no. 224,243 226,216
Municipalities served no. 31 31
MSW collected - sorted t 62,775 59,288
MSW collected - unsorted t 40,772 41,039
Sorted waste collection % 61 59
Electricity consumption KWh 541,038 N/A
Natural gas consumption sm3 63,019 N/A
Water consumption m3 6,123 N/A
Waste generated t 525 N/A
Dipendenti al 31/12 no. 216 224


Sei Toscana

Sei Toscana S.p.A., acquired at the end of 2020 and owned by Iren Ambiente Toscana (30.96%), is the manager of the integrated municipal waste service in the provinces of the optimal territorial area of Toscana Sud – Arezzo, Grosseto and Siena – and in six municipalities in the province of Livorno (Piombino, San Vincenzo, Sassetta, Suvereto, Castagneto Carducci and Campiglia Marittima). Sei Toscana’s waste collection system is structured to complement the collection of unsorted waste with all types of sorted waste collection. The company is active on the territory also with sweeping and street cleaning services, management of collection centres and additional and optional services available to individuals and Local Administrations.

Sei Toscana adopts an integrated Quality, Safety and Environment management system, in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

Main indicators U.M. 2021
Residents served n. 880,993
Municipalities served n. 104
MSW collected - total t 506,624
of which sorted t 255,177
of which unsorted t 248,918
neutral fraction t 2,529
Sorted waste collection % 51
Ecological stations no. 14
Collection centres no. 76
Electricity consumption KWh 1,296,139
Natural gas consumption scm 53,730
Water consumption m3 23,384
Waste generated t 8,388
Employees as at 31/12 no. 1032


C.S.A.I. Centro Servizi Ambiente Impianti

CSAI S.p.A., acquired at the end of 2020 and owned by Iren Ambiente Toscana (40.32%), is a public-private company in the province of Arezzo that deals with the disposal of non-hazardous waste of urban derivation and non-hazardous special waste, as well as the production of electricity from renewable sources (landfill biogas). The company owns and manages two landfills (in the Municipalities of Terranuova Bracciolini and Castiglion Fibocchi) for non-hazardous waste with a high content of organic and biodegradable waste with biogas recovery. CSAI disposes of regulated waste from the optimal territorial area of Toscana Sud (provinces of Arezzo, Siena, Grosseto and Val di Cornia) and special waste from the regional and extra-regional territory.

CSAI adopts a Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 e ISO 50001.

Main indicators U.M. 2021
Municipal waste sent to landfill t 110,846
Special waste sent to landfill t 66,930
Electricity produced from landfills KWh 20,115,629
Electricity consumption KWh 980,250
Water consumption m3 2,466
Waste generated t 36,087
Employees as at 31/12 no. 33


Siena Ambiente

Siena Ambiente S.p.A. is a joint-stock company with mixed public/private capital, acquired by the Group at the end of 2020. 60% of the capital is held by public shareholders (Province of Siena and Municipalities of the province of Siena) and 40% is held by Iren Ambiente Toscana. The company manages, in the province of Siena, landfills, selection, waste-to-energy, composting and energy recovery from waste plants. It also operates, on a residual basis, in the disposal of special non-hazardous waste and, through subsidiaries, produces electrici

Siena Ambiente adopts an integrated Quality, Safety and Environment management system, according to the ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards and all the managed sites have obtained EMAS registration.

Main indicators U.M. 2021
Total waste managed t 207,487
Organic t 29,064
Paper t 13,619
Multi-material t 20,745
Unsorted t 33,725
Waste treated in WTE t 69,124
Waste treated by landfills t 41,210
Compost produced t 5,813
Electricity produced by WTE KWh 38,062,282
Electricity produced from landfills KWh 4,846,099
Electricity produced from photovoltaic KWh 2,107,107
Electricity consumption KWh 11,237,332
Natural gas consumption scm 421,195
Water consumption m3 23,056
Waste generated t 347
Employees as at 31/12 no. 104