District heating

In the coming years, the plan to extend the district heating volume will offer customers the chance to contribute to the improvement of air quality in urban areas. The progress of this expansion is linked to the 2030 target set out in the Group’s Business Plan.

District heating

In 2021, commercial development activities continued in Turin and adjacent areas, both in the new network extension areas and in the areas already served, while in the Emilia-Romagna area, activities continued to consolidate and increase the number of connected volumes and the marketing campaign in Piacenza.


Project Project objectives Progress in 2021

Saturation of the Turin network

extension of the connections to bring the Turin area to a volume of 67 million m3 and saturation of the district heating system’s capacity, without the construction of new production sites new volumes connected for approximately 0.9 million m3 and laying of 8.3 km of network, reaching the progressive value of approximately 66 million m3
Torino Nord extension phase 1

approximately 5 million m3 of new district heating volumes to saturate the residual capacity of the system by optimising the storage systems

new volumes connected for 570,000 m3 (progressive value reached of 1.9 million) and laying of 7.8 km of network

Torino San Salvario

extension of the district heated volumes (about 2.5 million m3) and construction of a new storage system entirely concealed by a system of green surfaces and trees (Giardino del Calore – “Heat Garden”)


new volumes connected for approximately 620,000 m3 (progressive value reached of 0.7 million) and laying of approximately 5.7 km of network


Turin waste-to-energy plant

connection of the Turin waste-toenergy plant with the district heating networks of Beinasco and Grugliasco to increase the volume served without the construction of new plants

connection of the network of Beinasco  and Turin with connection to the storage system of Mirafiori Nord that will be completed in 2022, laying of 1.6 km of network in Grugliasco

Piacenza waste-to-energy plant

the district heating network’s connection with the Piacenza waste-to-energy plant increases the volume of district heating by about 1 million m3

new volumes connected for about 125,000 m3 and laying of 230 meters of network