Projects of Iren Local Committees

The Group’s sustainable development strategy is also managed through the Local Committees. These are bodies which have been established to strengthen relationships with the local areas, analyse them and anticipate needs, encourage innovative environmental and social initiatives, increase widespread awareness of strategies and services offered, guaranteeing broad representation of the various realities of civil society and engaging Iren Group top management in dialogue with its stakeholders.

The Committees are also a tool to collect, through the participatory planning platform, the ideas and proposals of residents to design new sustainable development solutions, enhancing the experience, knowledge and skills of local communities to create shared value and generate growth for the Group and for the areas in which it operates.

The Committees are made up of 15-18 members, the representatives of Local Bodies and Associations, who offer voluntary and free participation. In addition to these, there are five members by right: a representative of the Municipal capital, a representative of the provincial Municipalities, a representative of the Local University, the Iren Deputy Chairperson and the Chairperson, as a permanent guest.

Through specific internal working groups, each Committee oversees the activities for the best implementation of the projects, proposed by the Committees themselves or by citizens, associations and entities via the platform

In 2021, 24 projects were incubated by the Committees of Genoa, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Turin, 9 of which were already completed during the year, and the others are in the development phase and concerning environmental, social and educational issues. At the end of 2021 the Local Committees have completed a total of 62 projects available at Below is a breakdown of projects completed in 2021 and those in the pipeline.


Projects completed in 2021

Project (implementer) Local Committee Description
Parma City Camp
2021 (CSV Emilia)
Parma The project, which is an evolution of the experimentation launched in 2020, has provided important support to families in the management of their children in the summer, creating a program of aggregation and sociality aimed at bringing environmental awareness and solidarity among young people, following the themes of the 2030 Agenda. The Camps were aimed primarily at young people from 6 to 18 years old and there were also camps for the age range 19-23 with a more pronounced focus on volunteering and active citizenship. 17 camps were held with 250 enrolled, 21% of which received free or subsidised registration. 21 Third Sector organisations were involved, 14 cultural organisations and 65 volunteers were involved.
Estate popolare sostenibile – Sustainable popular summer (ACER Reggio Emilia) Reggio Emilia A path dedicated to the inhabitants of the popular neighbourhoods of the city through events and workshops aimed at promoting intercultural and intergenerational dialogue. The projects developed themes such as circular economy, reuse, energy conservation and recycling. 154 activities were carried out, with the participation of 32 associations in the Reggio Emilia area. There were 3,176 registered attendees, about 80% represented by children and young people.
Lead Nature
(AIESEC Turin)
Turin The project supported organisations and associations committed to environmental sustainability and climate change issues, consistent with Goal 13 of the 2030 Agenda. There have been seminars, activities to raise awareness of citizenship, cleaning of forests, parks, riversides, urban areas and educational workshops, a set of initiatives aimed at generating awareness on these issues and aimed at a target belonging to various age groups. 20 international volunteers took part in the project, together with 7 organisations and municipalities in the area.
Consolidamento e sviluppo del trasporto sociosanitario e sociale - Social and health transport (GAU Association)
(Associazione GAU)

The assistance and transport service for non-self-sufficient or partially self-sufficient older people living in Genoa was strengthened, with particular attention to the area of the Municipality IV Media Valbisagno, in order to improve their quality of life and increase moments of integration and socialisation. The project has seen the purchase of a zero-emission electric car to consolidate and develop these services with a view to environmental sustainability and has ensured the continuation of the “Spesa Sospesa” (shopping) in support of individuals and families in economic difficulty, managed in collaboration with the various stores in the area.

L'orto collettivo - The collective vegetable garden
(Orti Generali APS)
Turin A management model of a garden of 250 square meters was built and implemented in the Mirafiori district of Turin with a view to social inclusion, contrasting poverty, environmental education, focusing on the relationship between disadvantaged and disabled people, volunteers, students and families. The activities involved food support, through the supply of garden products, to citizens of the neighbourhood in economic difficulty, environmental education and the acquisition of skills in nursery gardening by the participants and the training of 1,200 students from primary and secondary schools in the area. Volunteers and people recommended by the Local Health Authority took care of the cultivation of the garden, allowing the delivery of about 300 kg of vegetables to the Neighbourhood House of Mirafiori Sud.

Il Servizio 118 nel Nord del Madagascar - 118 Emergency Service in Northern Madagascar (NGO NEXT onlus)


Creation of a rescue and medical service network in Diego Suarez, Madagascar, thanks to the experience of the doctors and nurses of the Regional Department of 118 Emergency Service. A training plan dedicated to local doctors was set up, which can also be used remotely in collaboration with the e-learning service of the University of Genoa, Liguria Digitale and the Gaslini pediatric Institute. An emergency service has also been set up with an ambulance equipped with the necessary equipment to be a real mobile hospital, capable of bringing care to remote villages in Madagascar.

Luce su Ponte Carrega- Light on the Carrega bridge (Amici di Ponte Carrega Association)


In order to enhance the value of a historical artefact of Val Bisagno, located in front of the historical Officine del Gas Iren in Gavette (Genoa), the lighting poles of the bridge have been replaced with new poles, replica of the historical ones of the ‘20s, equipped with LED lighting of the latest generation, with the aim of creating beauty and environmental sustainability through the use of new green technologies. The volunteers of the association and the Municipality IV Media Val Bisagno have contributed concretely to the preparation and enhancement of the project.

Genova Cultura restaura - Genoa Cultura restores (Genova Cultura Association)


Restoration of the Boccadasse marble basin, the ancient basin with Carrara marble rings of the late 18th/early 19th century. The common thread of the project is Water and Art, and their relationship understood as a source of inspiration and an essential good for life. The restoration has returned to the seaside village its symbolic fountain, combining opportunities to raise awareness of the sustainable use of water resources.

Ecosegmento Acquedotto Storico - Historical Aqueduct Ecosegment (Sertoli Club)


The historical aqueduct is an ancient structure located in Val Bisagno, which has guaranteed for centuries the water supply of the city of Genoa and its port. The project has seen the creation, following a method of participatory planning that has seen the children as protagonists, of a child-friendly itinerary with a signage designed and dedicated to children, consisting of explanatory panels and game panels relating to the history of the aqueduct and the sustainable use of water resources. Several players are involved in the project: the Laboratorio Didattico Luzzati (educational workshop), the University of Genoa, the Municipality IV, the Sertoli Club, the classes of the Staglieno and Molassana scholastic Institutes who participated in participatory and creative design workshops to devise signage and panel content.


Projects in development in 2021

Project (implementer) Local Committee Description

Green in Parma (CEA and University of Parma)


The project, which also involves the Cooperative Il Cigno Verde, Federconsumatori Parma and the Forestry Consortium KilometroVerdeParma, promotes the awareness of citizens, businesses and institutions on the effects of climate change and its impact, involving them in participatory paths and educational activities that result in experimental designs and interventions for the conversion of small urban areas to green areas. The activities include: the creation of a peri-urban forest on land belonging to Iren Group aimed at recovering the naturalistic values of the area and the recapture of CO2 emissions, experimentation, carried out by the University of Parma, on the use of a mixture of compost and biochar (charcoal), information and documentation activities aimed at citizens, carried out in collaboration with local stakeholders, and support actions for the implementation of greening interventions, through participatory paths.

Lead Nature - Green Leaders
(AIESEC Turin)

Turin The project aims to create environmental awareness of local communities in the various age groups through workshops, recreational activities and events. The goal is to change the habits of the communities and their relationship with the environment, stimulating the attendance of green areas of the city and raising awareness of respect for the environment in daily habits. 12 international volunteers and 7 volunteers of Legambiente will involve local students in this path of education to sustainability, collecting direct testimonies and documenting the concrete effects of the program with respect to the stakeholders involved.

Suoni d’acqua, di storie e di passi - Sounds of water, stories and footsteps (Social Cooperative Risonanze)

Reggio Emilia

At the centre of the project is the rediscovery and preservation of a part of the heritage of environments, stories and traditions of the territories of Villa Canali and Fogliano, in the municipality of Reggio Emilia. Leveraging the common thread represented by the sounds and music, develops a series of artistic initiatives to animate the area, involving the many new residents of the two fractions. Music to rediscover the actions of protection of the Lodola stream, the parks of Canali and Fogliano, the ancient Via Francesca (crossed over the centuries by many pilgrims), the knowledge and memories of the elderly are the leitmotif of the activities aimed primarily at autistic and fragile children.

C’ero due volte… - There is twice… (Social Cooperative Des Tacum)


The project, which has been awarded the 2021 “Ambientazioni” ideas contest in Piacenza, aims to recover objects in good condition that, thanks to repair and creative reinterpretation, are sold at bargain prices continuing to perform their task and avoiding becoming waste. The recovery activity is carried out by disadvantaged people (e.g., unemployed immigrants and ex-offenders) that, once trained, will put old and new skills to use. The project also involves the participation of 3 city schools in the creation of instant spot for the reuse and dissemination of best practices, to be promoted to the families of students, social channels and websites of those involved.

Rete del riuso Grugliasco - Grugliasco Reuse Network (Le Serre Association)

Turin The project aims to identify, in the municipality of Grugliasco, a place for the exchange and donation of used objects among citizens. Through aggregation, awareness and sharing, citizens become protagonists of initiatives for the safeguard of the territory. The use of a dedicated platform allows citizens to schedule the exchange of goods and manage the “time bank” by providing their skills to repair small items (small appliances and clothing). The project is completed by the dissemination of existing initiatives in the area for waste reduction and environmental protection (apps against food waste, collection centres for used clothing, etc.).

Sentieri Solidali - Solidarity Paths (CAI Section of Parma)


The aim of the project is to promote new synergies between the mountains and the realities of social cooperation type B of Parma, with the inclusion of disadvantaged people in the workforce, through a structured collaboration aimed at the maintenance of local trail networks. It is therefore intended to enhance, on the one hand, the distinctive skills of the CAI in the field of hiking, on the other hand, the skills that the social cooperation type B has developed in the management of green, offering job opportunities that facilitate and speed up the periodic maintenance of the trails, with positive effects for the community and the territory.

BenEssere in Natura - Well-Being in nature (Parma Sostenibile Association)


The project includes the development of extensive environmental sustainability and wellness education pathways, with resident workshops, guided tours of urban parks, nature areas, farmers markets, organic farms, and the Picasso Food Forest public green space. The recipients are young people aged 3 to 18 years who will be involved both in school (20 classes for about 500 students) and extracurricular (200 participants). The topics covered by the workshops concern the importance of biodiversity, conscious consumption, self-production, environmentally and socially sustainable agricultural practices, local economy and solidarity..

Lostello Porta a Porta
(Emc2 Onlus)


The project is aimed at activating a new home delivery service, addressed to families and merchants of the Cittadella and Centro Storico districts, carried out by users of socio-educational paths and internships activated by Emc2 Onlus, with the help of electric vehicles. In a first phase, the home collection of used clothes is started, which, after recovery and sanitisation operations, are made available to citizens. It is also planned to develop an online platform dedicated to the management of requests for pick-up/delivery and to engage, as part of the school-work alternation, some students to assist in the conduct of the entire cycle of activities.

Furgone frigo contro lo spreco alimentare - Refrigerated van to fight food waste (CSV Emilia)

Reggio Emilia

The Emporio Solidale Dora of Reggio Emilia, with the aim of offering a wide range of food products to families in economic difficulty, intends to expand its offerings to the fresh produce chain. In addition to the refrigerated counter, which already provides seasonal fruits and vegetables, intercepting surpluses from fruit and vegetable markets and food companies, a van with a mobile refrigerator will be activated for the recovery, transport and storage of fresh food.

Lo spaccio di cultura portineria di comunità - Community concierge (Rete Italiana di Cultura Popolare)

Turin The project provides for the strengthening of some activities promoted by “Lo spaccio di cultura-portineria di comunità”: the travelling School of the Concierge, which offers art workshops with recycling of materials, sewing courses, digital literacy courses, ABC technology for the elderly, support in the use of Apps and institutional websites and Italian courses for foreigners; the Solidarity Purchasing Group of the Inhabitants of the Concierge, created by traders, artisans, associations and active citizens, which delivers free groceries to those who request it.

Anche noi reporter! -
We are reporters too! (Bet She Can)


The project involves about two hundred children of elementary school with the aim of creating a community around issues such as personal development and potential, the environment, inclusive language, resilience and sustainability, and give a role as protagonists to children, so that they can make their voices heard, directly question the key witnesses of the proposed issues, dialogue with them and open to different points of view and experiences. Children’s interviews with key witnesses are shared with the entire school to develop moments of classroom processing with teachers and consolidate learning.

Emporio Solidale
- Solidarity
Emporium 2021
(Il Ce.Sto Coop)


The project was born from the experience of distributing food to families in the historic centre who are in a situation of economic distress, putting them in contact with a network of “donors”, including Banco Alimentare, Ricibo, merchants and supermarkets, voluntary associations and other entities active in the historic centre of Genoa. The network, in addition to providing material help, will produce moments of exchange and sharing of knowledge aimed at improving and developing the social context. The project acts mainly in the Sestiere del Molo, a historic district of the medieval city, composed of an elderly population of ancient settlement, a new population of foreign residents and young people with not always stable professional situations.

Lo sport sostenibile. Chi fa questo vince  - Sustainable sport. Whoever does it win (CSV Emila)

Reggio Emilia

Il progetto si propone di realizzare pratiche di “sport sostenibile” facilitando l’inserimento di giovani disabili all’interno delle società sportive attive in provincia di Reggio Emilia e diffondendo all’interno delle comunità sportive buone prassi ambientali. Si prevede la distribuzione di una brochure a tutti i giovani tesserati e alle loro famiglie per promuovere lo “sportivo responsabile e sostenibile” e la realizzazione di pannelli grafici da affiggere presso gli impianti sportivi per incentivare comportamenti virtuosi da tenere presso gli impianti stessi: risparmio idrico, risparmio energetico, riduzione dei rifiuti, raccolta differenziata.

Ciassa Verde
Piazza Verde – Green Square
(Association BtoBE)


The project aims to promote environmental sustainability in the suburbs of Genoa, particularly in Valpolcevera, enhancing the neighbourhood through the creation of aggregation points. The objective is to carry out a series of actions capable of producing a positive environmental impact and able to create awareness on issues such as the impact of CO2 in the ecosystem, the advantages of using renewable energy, waste sorted and sustainable mobility. Murals will be created with paints capable of capturing CO2 on the spans of the railway bridge in front of Piazza Pallavicini, an e-bike/kick scooter battery recharging station will be set up, as well as bicycle parking areas equipped to guarantee the safe custody of the means of transport, a small photovoltaic system, which will share messages to stimulate awareness and use of renewable energies, and an eco-collector where citizens will be able to hand in plastic bottles and containers with a reward system (discounts in stores, incentives for sustainable mobility, entrance to museums, etc.).

Oratorio dell’Assunta di Genova – Genoa oratory of the Assumption (S.M. Assunta arconfraternity)


The project, in addition to the recovery of an asset of artistic and cultural importance, allows to continue the work of social activity to which the Oratory has always been dedicated. The intervention concerns the realisation of some restoration works as well as the organisation of a plan of events for the population on environmental issues, in the social and cultural context of the west of Genoa in which the Oratory is the only one left active in the territory.


Other initiatives of Local Committees

In 2021 the fifth edition of the Piacenza “Ambientazioni” ideas contest was launched, aimed at adult citizens, organisations and associations of people or companies, having as its object the design of tools, actions and initiatives to save energy and water resources, reduce waste production, reduction of CO2 production and mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Participants were asked to propose innovative designs replicable in other contexts, with demonstrable economic and social benefits for the community, and to develop project ideas that could help mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 health emergency, with a particular appreciation for initiatives and actions that can be carried out online.

Iren Local Committees have also been a place for in-depth analysis and discussion between Iren Group and its stakeholders on matters such as the assessment of relevant topics for the materiality analysis, the 2020 Sustainability Report, the updating of the Business Plan, the management of the Tari service and complaints, the activities of Iren Smart Solutions and I.Blu.

The year 2021 saw the renewal of the three-year mandate of the Local Committees of Parma, Reggio Emilia and Turin and the start of the renewal procedure for the Local Committee of Genoa.