New hires and contract terminations

In 2021, there were 886 hires, up compared to 2020, despite the situation affected by the Covid-19 emergency, in line with the 2030 Business Plan targets.


Il dato complessivo è influenzato dalle caratteristiche della società San Germano che utilizza le assunzioni con contratto a tempo determinato (210 nel 2021) per far fronte all’avvio di servizi affidati in appalto, anche a carattere stagionale. Al netto di questo effetto, oltre l’89% delle assunzioni avviene con contratto a tempo indeterminato o contratto di apprendistato, mentre le restanti assunzioni a tempo determinato sono dovute a esigenze stagionali o sostitutive.

Hires by type of contract (no.) 2021 2020 2019
Permanent contract 350 177 202
Fixed-term contract 268 238 238
Apprenticeship contract 268 197 305
Total 886 612 745


Hires by age and gender (no.) 2021 2020 2019
under 30 years old 388 308 360
from 30 to 50 years old 373 199 296
over 50 years 125 105 89
Total 886 612 745
Men 717 515 633
Women 169 97 112
Total 886 612 745

Hires under 30 represent 44% of the total hires, a figure that is destined to grow, in line with the new objective set out in the 2030 Business Plan and demonstrating the attention that the Group pays to hiring young people.

progressive hires

In line with Group policies, among contracts subject to expiration during the year, 100% of apprenticeship contracts were confirmed (except for 6 cases of voluntary resignation), while fixed-term contracts were renewed within the limits of replacement needs and seasonal operations.

Employees with contracts expiring during the year (no.) 2021 2020 2019
Expiring fixed-term/apprenticeship contracts 334 176 341
of which confirmed on a permanent basis 256 132 132


The main reason for termination is related to consensual terminations of employment linked to the demographic rebalancing plan, with incentives to leave. Almost all terminations due to the expiration of fixed-term contracts depend on the San Germano company (118 in 2021). There were no collective redundancies and/or redundancies for economic reasons.

Outbound employees by reason (no.) and turnover 2021 2020 2019
Resignations 350 177 202
Voluntary termination/retirement 268 238 238
Death 268 197 305
Dismissals 268 197 305
Inability to work 268 197 305
Expiration of fixed-term contract 268 197 305
Transfer to other Group Companies1 268 197 305
Total 886 612 745
Turnover2 886 612 745

1 Agreed transfer to companies which are not part of the analysed perimeter.
2 Turnover was calculated as ratio of outbound employees to the number of total employees at 31/12.


In the preparation of the Business Plan, studies and simulations were carried out to assess the Group personnel eligible to retire over the plan period. Consequently, the Group is preparing to handle these potential terminations in the period 2021-2030, taking into account possible organisational changes and the new skills needed. In the Group there are no specific pension plans, however, all legal and contractual obligations are respected.

Turnover increased compared to 2020 due to the generational turnover process, which also led to a high number of new hires and the use of pre-employment training courses.