Requisites of directors

All members of the Parent's Board of Directors in office possess the requirements of integrity, pursuant to Article 147‐quinquies of the Consolidated Law on Finance. As at 31 December 2021, the Directors Sonia Maria Margherita Cantoni, Pietro Paolo Giampellegrini, Enrica Maria Ghia, Alessandro Giglio, Francesca Grasselli, Ginevra Virginia Lombardi, Giacomo Malmesi, Gianluca Micconi, and Licia Soncini are also in possession of the requirements of independence provided for in the provisions of the Consolidated Law on Finance (acc. to Arts 147‐ter, paragraph 4, and 148, paragraph 3, Consolidated Law on Finance), and in Art. 7 of the Code according to the Corporate Governance solutions adopted by Iren S.p.A.