Codes of Conduct

Iren adheres to the recommendations of the Code of Corporate Governancee (January 2020 edition), drawn up by the Italian Committee for Corporate Governance and has approved a document that highlights the governance solutions adopted with reference to the provisions of the Code. The Company discloses to the market its adherence to the Code in the annual report on Corporate Governance and ownership structure.

Iren Group operates in full compliance with the Code of Business Conduct for the sale of electricity and natural gas and, in general, with the standards of ARERA (the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment). Furthermore, the Service Charters regulate the activities to achieve high quality and efficiency standards in terms of continuity and customer relations.

Iren Group service charters

Waste management

Integrated water service

District heating

Thermal and communal electricity plants

Traffic lights

Public street lighting

Iren has signed, already in 2017, with 19 National Consumer Associations, the Joint Conciliation protocol on behalf of Iren Mercato, Ireti, Iren Acqua, Iren Acqua Tigullio. The Iren Joint Conciliation Body was recognized, in 2018, by ARERA as an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution Body) and was extended to the customers of Atena Trading and Acam Acque. In 2021, the Iren Joint Conciliation Body continued its activities, providing – in collaboration with other ADR Bodies of the main utilities and multi-utilities in the energy and water sector – refresher courses for conciliators of Consumer Associations and training courses for new conciliators of the same, on the energy and water sector.

As regards the ARERA conciliation service at the Single Buyer, which is compulsory from July 2019 for Ireti, it was confirmed in 2021 the readiness of most of the Group’s other water operators (Iren Acqua, Iren Acqua Tigullio, Acam Acque) to adhere to all conciliation requests received through the service.

Lastly, activities also continued, relating to the service activated by Iren Mercato and dedicated to reports from Consumer Associations, structured through a dedicated email box, a dedicated number and the possibility of setting up meetings at the counters for specific practices; in particular, periodic meetings were held with the territorial offices of the Associations for the analysis of the reports received.