Reporting boundary

The reporting boundary for the preparation of the Sustainability Report/NFS takes into consideration:

  • all of the fully consolidated companies of Iren Group, with the exception of those in liquidation as at 31/12/2021, inactive, sold or destined to be transferred;
  • the qualitative and quantitative information for certain companies not fully consolidated (indicated in grey italics in the table below) are given separately in the “Companies Outside the reporting boundary” section (see page 24). They are considered significant due to the equity interest held, the business managed and governance.

The following sociogram shows the reporting boundary adopted in this document.


Changes in the reporting boundary compared to 2020 are shown below.

Full consolidation of companies:

  • Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Italy acquired 100% by Iren Smart Solutions;
  • Lab 231 – a company operating in the field of consultancy on health and safety in the workplace, environmental management practices, waste, privacy and professional training – acquired 100% by Studio Alfa;
  • Futura, following the acquisition by Iren Ambiente of a further 20% of the share capital, which led to a total equity investment of 60%;
  • Rigenera Materiali (inactive in 2020);
  • UHA, Manduria Ambiente, Picena Depur, Iren Ambiente Toscana (formerly STA), Produrre Pulito, Scarlino Energia, Scarlino Immobiliare, TB, and Uniproject (reported separately in NFS 2020);
  • Sidiren acquired 100% by Iren Mercato.

Change of name of STA to Iren Ambiente Toscana (effective 14 April 2021).

Merger by incorporation of:

  • Nove in Iren Energia (effective 31 December 2021) following the acquisition of 51% of the share capital, in addition to the 49% already held;
  • A.M.A., Gheo suolo e ambiente and Sereco Piemonte in Iren Ambiente (effective 1 July 2021);
  • Uniservizi in Uniproject (effective 1 December 2021);
  • Unirecuperi in UHA (effective 1 July 2021);
  • UCH Holding in Iren Ambiente Toscana (effective 1 December 2021);
  • Scarlino Holding in Iren Ambiente Toscana (effective 1 December 2021).

Deconsolidation due to cancellation from the Companies Register of:

  • Bio Metano Italia from 6 October 2021 following the deed of dissolution and liquidation dated 22 January 2021;
  • Energy Side as of 24 November 2021 following the deed of dissolution and liquidation dated 18 May 2021;
  • STA Partecipazioni as of 29 December 2021 following the deed of dissolution and liquidation dated 02 December 2021.

Change in unconsolidated companies reported separately for significance for sustainability purposes:

  • inclusion of the investee companies CSAI, Sienambiente and Sei Toscana (acquired as of 17 November 2020);
  • exclusion of the investee companies Aiga and Amat, which were dissolved and liquidated due to their inability to achieve their corporate purpose by deed dated 14 April 2021 and 18 March 2021, respectively.

Any limitations in regard to the boundary of the Sustainability Report/NFS are duly indicated, as well as any restatements of the data related to the previous two-year period. It should be noted that, generally, the data referring to certain companies reported in this document for 2021 refer to the consolidation period of these companies by Iren Group, and in particular:

  • Futura from 1 April to 31 December 2021;
  • Sidiren from 1 July to 31 December 2021;
  • Lab 231 from 1 August to 31 December 2021;
  • Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Italy from 1 December to 31 December 2021.

In order to guarantee the reliability of the information provided, the Report includes directly measurable quantities, thus limiting the use of estimates as much as possible. Estimated quantities are indicated as such. The calculations are based on the best information available or on sample surveys.