Ecological transition

We have the ambition to contribute to the transformation of the future we will live. We invest in decarbonisation, circular economy, and resilience to give territories energy that is renewed without ever running out.


of investments 2021-2030
allocated to ecological transition

We believe that tomorrow is built on responsible use of natural resources and inhabited by clean, renewable energy with a low impact on the environment.
We work for the establishment of a circular economic model, capable of reducing waste, turning waste into value.
We innovate and extend our networks to future-proof service to the community.

How we want to grow


Our goals to 2030

reduction carbon intensity of energy production @2030 vs. 2020


tons waste sent for material recovery in Group facilities @2030 +370% vs.2020

< %

Network leaks @2030

The impact on our work

We are transforming our industrial processes, to reduce their environmental footprint, and innovating networks to place increasing emphasis on renewable energy. Responsible and sustainable management of environmental resources is a cornerstone of ours; therefore, we are constantly innovating and upgrading technologies and facilities for water cycle and waste management.

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