Media relations

In 2021, the Group recorded the growth of its presence in the media, both traditional and innovative, with a proactive model of relations with the media and timely support for the values and growth and development plans of the Group. A great deal of space was dedicated to the themes of renewable energies, decarbonization, circular economy and related plant development, as well as diversity and inclusion activities carried out by the Group. These results have been achieved also thanks to the consolidation of the structural reorganisation of Iren’s media relations and the redesign of its activities with the aim of giving stakeholders greater knowledge and visibility on the Group’s investments and objectives.

In 2021, the content factory and news making activities continued, both in support of the Group’s economic, environmental, social and industrial strategies and to reinforce the commercial actions undertaken towards the various target customers. The media relations activity was then developed in synergy with the Investor Relations function for the numerous financial communication actions launched during the year and operated in support of the institutional policies of the Group and its top management in harmony with the Public Affairs Department. Moreover, media coverage of new territorial and business areas was guaranteed, as a result of the change in the Group’s scope following structural growth and M&A operations.

The extensive commitment in the management of media relations is also demonstrated by the certification BIC - Best in Media Communication, obtained by Iren in 2021, created by Fortune Italia and Eikon Strategic Consulting with the aim of scientifically measuring the impact of the company’s communication through its positioning in the media and the quality of its relations with the different editorial offices.