As at 31 December 2021 the Iren Group had 9,055 employees, up compared to 8,680 employees as at 31 December 2020, as the table below shows, divided by Holding and Business Unit.

Company Workforce at 31.12.2021 Workforce at 31.12.2020
Iren S.p.A. 1,074 1,063
IRETI and subsidiaries 2,166 2,154
Iren Ambiente and subsidiaries 4,178 4,065
Iren Energia and subsidiaries 1,084 874
Iren Mercato and subsidiaries 553 524
Total 9,055 8,680

The changes in the workforce compared to 31 December 2020 were ascribable to:

  • the acquisition, in March 2021, by Iren Ambiente of the company Futura for a total of 28 resources;
  • the acquisition, in August 2021, by Alfa Solutions (formerly Studio Alfa) of the business unit of SAS - Sviluppo Ambiente e Sicurezza and of Lab231, for a total of 26 resources;
  • to Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Italy (now Iren Energy Solutions), for a total of 156 resources, acquired by Iren Smart Solutions at the end of November 2021;
  • to the initiation/conclusion of services contracted out by San Germano;
  • continuation of the generational turnover plan, with a considerable number of recruitments on the labour market.