Rebuilding and energy efficiency interventions

Iren Group offers a range of low carbon products and services (Iren Plus portfolio) that allow customers to obtain important results from the point of view of rationalising energy consumption:

  • turnkey photovoltaic systems, from design to installation, for the production of clean and sustainable energy that can be stored thanks to the storage system and used only when needed. Energy savings are calculated estimating the kWh produced by the photovoltaic plants sold;
  • latest generation heat pumps that allow to manage gas better and save up to 40% compared to current consumption;
  • high-performance windows and doors to improve the energy efficiency of homes. The energy saved is calculated considering the difference in transmittance between the frames/windows replaced with the new ones;
  • smart thermostats for energy efficiency that ensure the boiler is switched on for the minimum time necessary to maintain the desired temperature. Energy savings are calculated by estimating average gas consumption per household and applying a 25% reduction in consumption from the use of the thermostat;
  • latest generation condensing boilers that allow saving up to 25% in consumption. Thanks to the recovery of part of the latent heat of the fumes and, consequently, to the lower use of fuel, the boilers produce, in addition to savings, less environmental pollution.

In addition to these products and services, the Group has consolidated its portfolio with the promotion of green offers both for the supply of electricity produced entirely from renewable sources, and through the first pilot projects aimed at offsetting CO2 emissions related to the supply of natural gas. The solution envisaged for the latter is represented by certified carbon credits that attest to the offsetting or absorption of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by the combustion of the gas. Carbon credits are generated from the development of environmental protection projects, accredited by major international standards.

Among the goals of the Strategic Plan is a steady increase in green electricity sales, to reach 3,500 GWh in 2030.

rebuilding and energy efficency