Quality, Environment and Safety


As expressed in its corporate mission the Iren Group provides integrated services aimed at safeguarding the environment and personnel safety. As customer needs and expectations are evolving constantly, strongly backed by market competitiveness, calling for flexible organisational models and streamlined management systems and requiring monitoring of efficiency in terms of expected results, the Group has developed an Integrated System (Quality, Environment and Safety) as a means to support the achievement of the predefined objectives.

The Integrated System is structured in such a way as to envisage adequate control of all operating processes affecting service quality, adopting an approach based increasingly on customers, workers’ safety and environmental protection.


The Parent, all its direct (first level) subsidiaries and the investees AMIAT, ACAM Ambiente, ReCos, ACAM Acque, ASM Vercelli, ATENA Trading and San Germano have systems certified according to the international standards ISO 9001 (Quality) and BS OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001 (Safety).

The Parent, the first level companies (with the exception of Iren Mercato as it is a commercial company) and the investees AMIAT, ACAM Ambiente, ReCos, ACAM Acque, ASM Vercelli and San Germano are certified according to the international standard ISO 14001 (Environment).

In addition, Iren Energia and Iren Smart Solutions are certified in accordance with the standard ISO 50001 for Energy Efficiency; Iren Smart Solutions is, in addition, certified in relation to UNI 11352 (for Energy Service Companies) and F‐GAS. Finally, Iren Mercato is certified in accordance with the Certiquality 66 Technical Document in relation to the Sale of Green Energy and the Document RINA ST TRAC_EE for the "System for tracking the characteristics of electricity from renewable sources."

In 2021, Iren Mercato also acquired ISO 18295-2 Compliance Certification with respect to control over external contact centres. Finally, in 2021 Iren S.p.A. extended the ISO 27001 (Information Security) certification also to the services provided to Iren Energia, Iren Mercato, Iren Ambiente, Ireti, Iren Acqua, Iren Acqua Tigullio and AMTER.

The Quality, Safety and Environment management systems are overseen for each first‐level company by the Personnel, Organisation and Information Systems Department of IREN.

All audits carried out by the Certification Bodies at the Group companies in 2021 ended with a positive result confirming the maintenance of the Certifications in possession of the individual companies.