Iren: business model

Iren, a multi-utility company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana), operates in the following business areas: electricity (production, distribution and sale), district heating (production, distribution and sale), gas (distribution and sale), integrated water service management, environmental services (waste collection and disposal), integrated solutions for energy efficiency of public and private bodies and services for the Public Administrations.

Boasting over a hundred years of experience in providing services to the community, Iren Group is structured according to an industrial holding model (the parent company Iren S.p.A.), which extends to all the Group’s corporate staff activities, and four Business Units – governed by four parent companies – that oversee activities by business sector according to a scalable model with the immediate integration of all acquired companies. Iren focuses on providing services and creating infrastructure to improve and enhance local territories, in full respect of natural resources, the environment and its customers.

The Group’s structure aims to consolidate Iren’s local presence and its integration in the various supply chains.

Business unit

The business model is designed to promote sustainable development, with the aim of creating shared value over time for the Group and for its stakeholders.

Thanks to the synergies between the different business areas, also in a logic of innovation, Iren Group works to reduce the environmental impact and meet the demands of customers and the communities in which it operates and it is committed to ensuring high safety standards for employees and suppliers.

The performance achieved by Iren also in 2021 testifies to the solidity and sustainability of its business model, capable of contributing to the achievement of the United Nations sustainable development goals, along with its resilience in facing a global socio-economic crisis, such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

The business model is based on the Group’s mission, vision and values approved by the BoD.

Mission: offering our customers and our territories the best integrated management of energy, water and environmental resources, with innovative and sustainable solutions to create value over time. For everyone, every day.

Vision: improving people’s quality of life. Making companies more competitive. Looking at territorial growth with a focus on change. Merging development and sustainability into one unique value. We are the multi utility company that wants to realise this future through innovative choices. For everyone, every day.

To consolidate its vision and mission, Iren has defined a system of values, strategies, policies and operating tools to guide the sustainable management of its businesses. In this direction is the Strategic Plan drafted by the Group (see page 47) to optimise the use and transformation of resources, defining objectives and targets for sustainable development.

The values on which Iren Group bases its strategy are: responsibility, belonging, customer satisfaction, growth and enhancement of employees, teamwork, transparency, change and flexibility and sustainability.

Mission, vision and values are an integral part of the Group’s Code of Ethics.


Iren Group structure (31.12.2021)