Strategic plan

The growth strategy, approved by the Board of Directors in November 2021, is consistent with the Group’s mission and vision and the main macro-trends of the sector described above. The Strategic Plan, extended to 10 years, is based on three pillars: the green transition with a progressive decarbonization of all activities and the strengthening of leadership in the circular economy and the sustainable use of resources; local presence with an extension of the perimeter in the historical territories and the evolution as a reference partner for the communities by expanding the portfolio of services offered; quality through the improvement of performance and the maximisation of customer/citizen satisfaction levels.

The industrial strategy is strongly integrated with the sustainability strategy that defines precise medium- and long-term targets and is divided into the following 5 focus areas:




The year 2021 confirmed the resilience of Iren Group’s business model, even in the face of the continuing health emergency, which will be further strengthened by the investments planned to support the various businesses and, in particular, by the significant share of investments allocated to the achievement of sustainability objectives.

The integration of sustainability in the Strategic Plan and the drivers of capital allocation moves a step forward with the extension of the time horizon of the Sustainability Plan until 2030, defining the role that Iren Group intends to play for development consistent with European policies, the challenges emerging from the pandemic context and to boost the economic recovery process in our country, consistently and in support of the objectives of the PNRR.


The objectives and targets of Iren Group’s medium- and long-term Business Plan are summarised below.

Strategic plan