Production of electricity and thermal energy

Main indicators  
Energy production plants (no.) 180
of which hydroelectric 31
of which photovoltaic 105
of which thermoelectric
of which thermoelectric 1
of which waste-to-energy 3
of which landfills (post-operation) 3
of which biogas 4
of which thermal 25
of which biomass 1
Installed electrical power
(electricity set-up)
2,846 MWe
of which photovoltaic power 20 MWe
Installed thermal power 2,581 MWt
Electricity produced 9,823 GWhe
Thermal energy (heat) produced 3,329 GWht

Electricity produced by plants fuelled by renewable or high-efficiency cogeneration sources, which account for 70% of the Group’s plant portfolio, accounts more than 76% of all production (see page 142). Photovoltaic plants produced 20,808 MWh of electricity in 2021.