Smart solutions

The Group offers integrated energy efficiency solutions for condominiums, businesses, Public Administrations, non-profits and charities. In addition, it provides products and services that meet the needs of safety and well-being of customers, such as: energy, building, anti-seismic upgrades, implementation and management of public lighting systems that increase the safety of urban areas, lighting upgrades (LED relamping) to improve efficiency and visual comfort, optimised management of thermal systems that make indoor environments more efficient and comfortable, improving heat distribution. These activities are carried out by providing a complete package and, for energy requalification interventions of buildings-plants, the customer has the possibility to receive the discount on the invoice or to opt for the transfer of the credit corresponding to the tax deduction, as provided by the current legislation.

The proposed solutions are turnkey, including consulting services, design, implementation and monitoring, with the possibility of using incentives and customised financial and contractual solutions.

Thanks to the collaboration with professionals and companies qualified in the Supplier Register, the Group, through Iren Smart Solutions, acts as the only interlocutor towards the customer.

In 2021, the Group launched several initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of urban redevelopment and energy efficiency as levers to improve urban sustainability. Moreover, several territorial roadshows were organised, dedicated to professionals and companies, in order to spread the culture of tax bonuses, provide clarifications on regulatory requirements and support external professionals in the complex processes they are involved in alongside Iren Smart Solutions.

Smart solutions safety

In managing smart solutions activities, the Group works to minimise impacts on the health and safety of customers and communities. For example, for technological services managed for Public Administrations, the light pollution of public lighting systems (alteration of the levels of light naturally present in the night environment) and the consequent photobiological risk (damage that the direct vision of light sources, in particular LEDs, can cause to the human eye), are parameters monitored through the inclusion of stringent requirements in the purchase of lighting equipment. Furthermore, Apps are available for the public lighting and traffic lights service through which citizens can report any faults or malfunctions in real time.

For the technological global service (management of thermal and electrical systems) of public buildings, a detailed process is envisaged for reporting faults and malfunctions, managing calls and solving the problem, with response times defined for each type of request, as well as the analysis and evaluation of the level of service. A 24-hour contact line is provided to manage domestic heating systems, with repairs within 3 hours of the report.