Stakeholder engagement

Iren Group is committed to creating, strengthening and expanding its relationships with its stakeholders to guarantee them the widest possible scope for listening and dialogue. The criteria for stakeholder engagement are aimed at inclusion, transparency, fairness, focus on ethical, environmental and social issues and consistency with the activities of the Group. Dialogue is based on the principles of inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness laid down in the AccountAbility1000 standard in order to address and responsibly respond to issues and impacts.

The objective of long-term sustainable success, referred to in the Corporate Governance Code, which Iren has adopted from 01 January 2021, is also based on the relationship established with stakeholders. In this perspective, Iren Group ensures the widest and most timely circulation of information to shareholders, institutional investors, intermediaries operating on the financial market and all stakeholders, to guarantee broad knowledge and transparency.

Considering the impact of the Group’s activities on the quality of life of residents and the local region, the main stakeholder categories are represented by the Local Committees, a tool designed to promote dialogue, debate and participatory planning between Iren Group and its stakeholders.


Stakeholder engagement activities through the Local Committees are the responsibility of the Deputy Chairperson, who collaborates with the Corporate Social Responsibility and Local Committees Department which reports directly to the office of the Deputy Chairperson.