Emergency management

In order to respond to potential accidents and alarm situations, which could occur after a natural disaster, explosions or fires and to prevent and mitigate the consequent damage to people and the environment, the companies of Iren Group have procedures and practices that define:

  • the organisation and coordination centres set up to address the emergency situations that could arise within the activities carried out;
  • the management of information and relationships with the Prefectures, Civil Defence, Authorities, Regions, Provinces and Municipalities, including their relative operation rooms.

All monitored sites and facilities have specific emergency plans covering the most likely emergency scenarios, including those with possible environmental impacts. Emergency personnel have been identified at each site and plant, who are trained and updated periodically. Evacuation tests are carried out annually involving all persons present, including visitors, customers and suppliers; depending on the site, simulations are also carried out regarding the management of additional emergency scenarios (illness, spillage, etc.). The contingency plans of the main corporate districts identify an emergency manager and coordinator for each site. Upon entering the site, visitors are given a specific informative note containing the behavioural procedures to be followed. The company emergency plans are constantly updated in accordance with the guidelines shared by all Group companies.

Emergency situations connected to possible environmental pollution during the operation of plants, or due to mechanical failure of instruments of control or measurement of chemical physical operating parameters, are managed in accordance with criteria of immediate intervention on the fault, by specialised personnel, 24/7, by requesting and calling technicians on call. The action aimed at fixing the failures occurs in the minimum time needed to carry out works.

To facilitate access to information relative to any weather alerts, the company smartphones – which are provided to all employees – are equipped with a special App that provides a direct link to the official weather alert sites in the regions where the Group operates. For employees who operate mainly in the outdoors, specific procedures have been established to define the operating guidelines to be observed in relation to the presence or otherwise of weather alerts.