Creation of added value

Iren Group produces added value with respect to the external resources employed, thanks to the effective use of production factors, and contributes to the economic growth of the social and environmental context, producing important effects on the territories in which it operates, in particular, in view of the investments made, the employment generated and the induced activities it carries out.

The impacts generated by Iren Group on the reference areas contribute to the growth of the economic, social and environmental context

The investments improve the social and environmental context by intervening on basic infrastructures (electricity, gas, sewerage and water networks, wastewater treatment plants) and essential services (waste collection and disposal). Moreover, all the business areas present significant opportunities for the development of innovative technologies and processes and, consequently, for territorial growth also in terms of know-how.

Iren Group generates opportunities for the development of innovative technologies and processes and for the growth of territorial expertise

The Group has no specific local recruitment policy; nevertheless, given the specificity of the Italian labour market, there is a high coincidence between the provinces of residence of employees and their assigned place of work: 78% of executives reside in the same region as their place of work.

The indicator that highlights the Group’s ability to produce value and satisfy the economic interests of its main stakeholders is Added Value, which measures the economic performance of operations and the ability to create the conditions for distributing wealth to stakeholders.

In 2021, Iren Group generated a total gross Added Value of over 1,534 million Euro, distributed as follows:

  • 42.1% to the Company (approximately 646 million Euro) as wealth retained within the Group, including depreciation and amortisation and retained earnings;
  • 32.2% to Employees (over 495 million Euro) in terms of wages and salaries, charges and other personnel costs;
  • 9.1% to the Public Administration (approximately 140 million Euro) in the form of direct and indirect taxes, net of operating subsidies received;
  • 5.0% to Financial Backers (approximately 76 million Euro) in terms of financial expenses incurred in relation to all creditors;
  • 10.8% to Shareholders (approximately 165 million Euro) as dividend;
  • 0.8% to the Community (almost 12 million Euro) in terms of contributions to social, environmental, cultural and sports events.





Determination of Added Value (thousands of Euro) 2021 20201

Revenues from sales and services



Change in work in progress, semi-finished products, finished products and goods



Other revenue



Production revenue 5,002,123 3,669,876

Costs for raw materials, consumables, supplies and goods



Cost for services



Other expenses



Capitalised expenses for internal work



Provisions for risks



Intermediate production costs



Gross Added Value



Non-core and non-recurring items



Net profit from discontinued operations



Total gross Added Value



1 The 2020 figures have been restated in accordance with IAS standards.