Group policy and principles

Iren Group formalised, in its Biodiversity Policy, its commitment to the conservation of biodiversity, which is based on the adoption of an effective management model, consistent with the National Strategy for Biodiversity, with European Union strategic objectives (European Green Deal and EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030) and with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The principles on which the Group’s Policy is based are:

  • conservation of the biodiversity of ecosystems, in particular for the activities carried out in vulnerable or protected natural areas;
  • monitoring and mitigation of the impacts of the activities on biodiversity;
  • promotion of environmental improvement through actions aimed at protecting areas of high ecological value and disseminating a culture of biodiversity;
  • raising awareness and knowledge about biodiversity, its protection and conservation, encouraging best practice and passing it on internally and externally;
  • collaboration with local associations and communities in actions and projects designed to increase stakeholders’ awareness of the importance of protecting biodiversity.