Energy production

The management model adopted by Iren Group takes into account the health and safety of people, also evaluating the environmental aspects, risk analysis and measurement, in all phases: from design to maintenance of the plants, up to the choice, storage and disposal of materials and products, for which specific certifications are required.


Acoustic impact

The Group monitors, evaluates and mitigates noise emissions throughout the life cycle of its plants and infrastructure, supported by specialist technicians, and dedicates time and resources to limit the acoustic impact of its activities, including through mitigation measures (e.g., soundproofing panels, noise suppressors). In order to verify that the limits laid down by current legislation are respected, specific Acoustic Impact Assessments are carried out at each energy production site, either as a preventive measure or on existing situations, whenever:

  • it is decided to build, modify or upgrade a construction project;
  • it is intended to start a new business;
  • an application is made for the issuance of permits for the construction of new plants, the infrastructure of productive activities or commercial services;
  • a public body or a municipality requests it.

In cases where the specified limits were exceeded, acoustic decontamination measures were taken on the most significant sources to bring the noise emitted within the legal limit. Periodic phonometric tests are also carried out at the perimeters of the sites or in proximity of the sensitive receptors; moreover, upon receiving reports or complaints from citizens, appropriate measurements are taken to assess the need for specific mitigation measures.