We are part of the territories and communities we serve. For them, we intend to be an engine of growth, a guide in the ecological transition and an enabler of sustainable development.


of 2021-2030 investments
allocated to territories

We want cities and territories to be able to exploit their full potential, enjoying modern, innovative and sustainable services.
We are thinking about networks that can support the electrification of consumption and electric mobility as a major player on the roads.
The cities of tomorrow will have to be environmentally friendly, careful in their use of resources: day after day, we work to ensure that the goal of full energy efficiency is achieved

How we want to grow


Achievements in 2021

electric charging stations installed


m3 district heating volumes


of the population served managed under timely waste pricing

Our goals to 2030

electric charging stations installed @2030


m3 district heating volumes @2030


of the served inhabitants managed under timely waste pricing @2030

The impact on our work

We support territories by offering new sustainable solutions in the areas of mobility public and private electric, and promoting the extension of district heating. We evolve our offerings, adapting them to the smart needs of tomorrow's cities, supporting local governments on the path to ecological transition.

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